Celebrate Today! Monday, June 23 is Let It Go Day

Here’s a day to get excited about.  Today, Monday June 23, 2014 is officially the day to Keep Calm. Today is Let It Go Day.  If you’ve been worrying, fretting, or regretting, this is the day to let … [Read more...]

Celebrate Today! June 19 is Garfield the Cat Day

Garfield The Cat Day According  to Days of the Year,  Garfield the Cat day is celebrated annually on June 19. Garfield was famously created by cartoonist Jim Davis and first appeared in a … [Read more...]

WED – May 21 – Put A Patch On It Day – JP Patches that is!

I don’t think that people do much patching any more, but according to the folks a Days of the Year.com, this is Put a Patch on It Day.  It can be any type of patch, from bicycle tire to patchwork … [Read more...]