By Dorothy Wilhelm NOTE: I HEAR FROM MANY READERS ASKING ME TO RECALL “NORMAL TIMES.” SO LET’S JUST STEP BACK A FEW MONTHS WHEN WE KNEW WHAT “NORMAL” MEANT – FOR A LITTLE SELF HELP. If you put porcupines in your stew, you have to peel them first. “There are no self-help books in this library!” A glance at the neatly organized shelves at our local Senior Activity Center told me the library volunteer wasRead More
Celebrate Every Day, Celebrating Life
Last Sunday morning, I received my very first speeding ticket, after maintaining a spotless driving record for 55 years. I’m really upset. I never had a ticket before. I saw the police car parked near the road that connects Joint Base Lewis McChord to Lakewood (in Western Washington State.) People who live out here know that military roads are enthusiastically patrolled, but I zipped past serenely. After all, they never want me. Until now. AsRead More
  The Facts of Life by Dorothy Wilhelm The facts of life came in the mail in a plain brown envelope. It was brave of my mother to send for the book it contained, “Where Do Babies Come From?” The magazine ad promised it would explain the beginnings of life in a clear, easy-to-understand way that mothers and daughters could share. That kind of sharing was very rare in 1946 when interesting things still cameRead More

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