MARCH 22, 2019 BY SUSANNE BACON If you feel that you have heard all of Puget Sound history and nothing could surprise you anymore – think again! For the other day, I finished reading legendary author and humorist Dorothy Wilhelm’s latest book, “True Tales of Puget Sound”. And I just wish history in school were taught as lively and interspersed with fun facts as this beautiful book manages to do. Dorothy Wilhelm has a giftRead More
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FEBRUARY 13, 2019 Unexpected Gifts is the subject of the special Valentine edition of Dorothy Wilhelm’s internet radio show, “Swimming Upstream,” playing at this very moment at The idea of the show is that love – like valentines – can come at unexpected times and in unexpected packages. < Sam Longoria’s bio says he was born in a volcanic crater on Mars.  This may not be completely accurate. The first “gift package” is a readingRead More
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  Starting at the very beginning. Readers often ask me where they can go in some of the communities I wrote about in True Tales. Start in DuPont at the site of the original Fort Nisqually. Now, you can’t visit the original Fort because the site is on the grounds of the Home Course golf course. Though if you stand at the entrance, and look at the wide vista, you’ll see the land much asRead More
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