JUNE 13, 2020 BY DOROTHY WILHELM It was 66 years ago last June that my husband-to-be sold his 1942 Chevrolet to put an engagement ring on my finger. The ring had what I thought was an incredibly huge diamond — almost a quarter of a karat, a guarantee of prosperous times to come. Deliriously happy, I said to my father. “How do I keep my ring looking sparkly for years and years and years?” InRead More
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Dorothy Wilhelm | 780 words | June 19, 2020 In those days, the father-to-be sat, penitent, in a littered waiting room, clutching a paper cup of coffee, staring down at a growing circle of spent cigarettes, and slowly withering under the glare of passing nurses.  He was never allowed near the delivery room.  The general opinion, frequently expressed by senior nurse or nun, was that he’d already caused enough trouble and should now have theRead More
There was no need to make a fuss about it.  The police were very understanding once the situation was explained. Throughout the whole trying incident I behaved wisely and responsibly.  I hope you’ll mention that to my children if you happen to be talking to them. I hate to let the kids find out about these inevitable little kerfuffles. Next thing you know, they’ll be saying, “Hmmm, looks like Mom has trouble traveling these days.”Read More

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