LESSON FROM THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL By Dorothy Wilhelm Note:  This column first appeared in the Tacoma News Tribune on SEPTEMBER 05, 2015.  School was different then. Cleavages were pretty much the same. My classmate found a new shortcut on the first day of school. Unfortunately, he had to crawl under a freight train to use it. The trains then were steam driven. They ran day and night through our tiny Montana town. SometimesRead More
Together Again Book Excerpt
Did you hear the story about the jackass that ran for public office and won? I’m not talking about this year’s selection of candidates. The election I’m talking about took place in the friendly town of Milton, WA in September of 1938. The candidate in question was a brown, long-eared mule with the very formal name of Boston Curtis.  According to the record, this unlikely animal, ran for Republican selectman.  He appeared as required inRead More
Together Again Book Excerpt
by Dorothy Wilhelm YippeeSkippee! We’re coming home!!   We sat on the cellar door and waited for the root beer to stop exploding, Every year, my mother brewed root beer for Independence Day and every year it exploded.  Traditions are very important. The one room General Store in our tiny town of Warland, Montana (pop.100) didn’t carry root beer. The small, dark sales area offered such necessities as a pickle barrel and Campbells Soup, andRead More

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