Three Ingredient Cooking.  What could be easier? This week on It's Never Too Late, Melissa Robinson shared her recipes for three ingredient cooking, and I'm sharing the recipes here.  I just tried the … [Read more...]

March 24 – Chocolate Covered Raisins Day – With Recipe

Chocolate Covered Raisins Day is a great excuse for a treat! I like chocolate covered raisins. The only thing I have against them is that they look as if they were the product of a rabbit’s recent … [Read more...]

February 25, 2014 has three reasons to celebrate.

CLAMS, CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUTS, AND PISTOLS.  WHAT COULD BE BETTER? First, it’s is clam chowder day! It's chocolate covered peanuts day. And it's Pistol Patent Day.  Now when might you … [Read more...]

February 24, 2014 is National Tortilla Chip Day.

Now we're getting somewhere.  Breathes there the soul who doesn't loooove tortilla Chips?  I will answer.  Of course not. By the way, if you find yourself with company descending, and not a tortilla … [Read more...]

FEB 20 – Celebrate Your Pet, Your Favorite Female Engineer and Bake a Pie

You can do it all in one day!! Feb 20 is designated as Love Your Pet Day, easy peasy, Introduce a girl to engineering, and Bake a Cherry Pie.  Well, it's a big order, but we can do it. Starting with … [Read more...]

Sixty Plus Great Ideas for Christmas

  I don't know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit now that the kids are grown and I can't even decide if I'll have a Christmas tree this year.  Well, when … [Read more...]