Fair Food Recipes

On september 18, I'll be cooking at the Washington State Fair.  Yes, it used to be called the Puyallup Fair, but I've been called different things too - So meet me at the Fair - Great place, … [Read more...]

Hudson’s Bay to Downton Abbey and Beyond

Answers to questions you didn’t know you had JULY 19, 2014 BY DOROTHY WILHELM LEAVE A COMMENT By Dee Haviland Fournier, Instructor, Heritage Quest Research Library and Dorothy Wilhelm, Humorist, … [Read more...]

Heritage Questions – Family research

Getting ready for our Family Heritage Research Workshop on August 16.  We have spent many hours in preparation and have found there are lots of questions.  So here are some answers for the most … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to George M. Cohan; Happy Birthday to us!

http://budurl.com/HappybirthdayUSA Happy Birthday  to George M. Cohan  (composer of You’re A Grand Old … [Read more...]


THURSDAY, JUNE 26 – CHOCOLATE PUDDING DAY Think of all the wonderful things you can do with chocolate pudding: • You can finger paint, • Use chocolate pudding to dye fabrics Use Jello … [Read more...]

Celebrate Today – June 24, 2014 No Aliens Here – Nope

On June 24 1997, the US  Air Force issued its famous report “Roswell-Case closed!” saying that there were not there were not and had never been flying saucers or alien aircraft as had been reported in … [Read more...]

Celebrate Today! Monday, June 23 is Let It Go Day

Here’s a day to get excited about.  Today, Monday June 23, 2014 is officially the day to Keep Calm. Today is Let It Go Day.  If you’ve been worrying, fretting, or regretting, this is the day to let … [Read more...]

Celebrate Today! June 19 is Garfield the Cat Day

Garfield The Cat Day According  to Days of the Year,  Garfield the Cat day is celebrated annually on June 19. Garfield was famously created by cartoonist Jim Davis and first appeared in a … [Read more...]

Celebrate Today! Fresh Veggies and Eat Your Fudge Day

Celebrate Today! Monday June 16 is Fresh Veggies Day and Fudge Day.  You can put those together anyway you want. Hardly anybody gets enough fresh veggies, and you can’t get enough fudge so probably … [Read more...]

Celebrate The day! June 12 is Superman Day.

Dorothy Wilhelm - copyright 2013 You missed corn on the cob day yesterday.  Your activity of laughter is to talk to some of the older people you see and ask them what corn cobs were used for in the … [Read more...]