May 29, 1953 – Hillary & Tenzing Summit Everest – Climb Every Mountain

CELEBRATE TODAY! CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN DAY TODAY  is the anniversary of the day in 1953 that Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mt.  Everest, something that had … [Read more...]

May 15 –Nylon Stockings Day, Chocolate Chip Day, celebrate every day!

It's Nylon Stockings Day. The goal of this blog is to find something to celebrate every single day. Today the reason for celebration is that it’s Nylon Stockings … [Read more...]

Celebrate Every Day! May 6 – No Homework Day, Teachers Day, No Diet!

May 6 – No Homework Day, No Diet Day Here’s one you may wish to hide from your children! Although if they don’t know about it, then there would not be many folks left to celebrate No Homework … [Read more...]