Shondra shows Team Shirt

THE MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER 2011 is over and successful.  Our little team of six raised $1300 and the walks are going on all over the US so help is on the way for sufferers and their families.

Son Stephen was the man on our team, but he had to act as photographer

                     Pretty in PinkMany folks brought their pets. Some were even dyed pink – the pets, not their owners.   

This family time together was as important as the good cause for which we walked.   Since there were six, we took turns walking in pairs and getting caught up on family stories.  The cause meant a lot to me because, like everyone else cancer has touched my life – well actually, cancer has raked its claws right across us.  I had a very rare form of cancer, and I lost my husband to oat cell cancer.  So I challenged the family to join me in Tacoma for Relay for Life which fights all cancers. Of course, they have Relays everywhere, but since I went to Everett for this one, that seems fair. And the next Relay for Life is on June 8, 2012, giving us time to practice. I’m  hoping you’ll all plan to join me.  This project was the inspiration of my Grandson’s wife Shondra. I was a little worried about her choice of team name, “Jogging for Juggs” but when we got there we found that was pretty moderate. One team was called “Walkers for Knockers” and another lady’s riffed on “Hello, Kitties” – only she didn’t say Kitty.  It was a great experience, and I wasn’t tired at all. My team stayed with me, so I imagined that we’d kept up with the crowd, til I looked back and saw that there was no one behind us.   Except three little old ladies who had stopped to go to the bathroom.  











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