March 4 – Today is Pancake Day.  Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday.  This  holiday is the last day before Lent begins.  It’s called fat Tuesday because during the Middle Ages it was the day when households cooked and feasted on fats, eggs, milk whatever in the household stores that would spoil during the forty days of Lent. Since I have many things in my refrigerator that have been there since the Middle Ages, I can relate to this.  You can celebrate this day, by cleaning out the refrigerator and feasting. Here’s how I did it from The News Tribune.

Now, to celebrate pancake day. The best thing to do would be to have a pancake party.

Look Kids, it's an octopus pancake.

Look Kids, it’s an octopus pancake.

Make a basic pancake, and let folks add eggs, bacon, fruit, jam, potato chips, anything you’d like.  The favorite in my family though are animal pancakes.

The way you do this is to make your pancake batter slightly thin, and use a large spoon to make whorls, bodies, legs and necks.  I used to take requests and try to make the kids what they wanted. It was hopeless as most pancakes come out looking like amoebas and octopuses. Sometimes both at the same time.  But now I put as many shapes as I can on the creation, and then let the child tell me what the animal is. That way, I win all the time.  The whole family loves animal pancakes.  And of course, you can always just heap on strawberries and whipped cream.

Today is also Grammar Day, Pound Cake Day, Unique Name Day and International Scrapbooking Industry Day. Check in with


Read all about it, and then tell me how you’d like to celebrate.


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