Hudson’s Bay to Downton Abbey and Beyond

Answers to questions you didn’t know you had

By Dee Haviland Fournier, Instructor, Heritage Quest Research Library and Dorothy Wilhelm, Humorist, Confused about her family

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Why Am I Filling Out These Forms?

Dorothy: I’ve been collecting and downloading forms for two weeks now. I don’t think I’m getting anywhere. Tell me again why you think it’s important to go to all this trouble. You know, when I find these people, it’s a good chance I won’t like them.

Dee: It’s like having your own history mystery program like History Detectives, but you get to be the star and solve the mystery.

Dorothy: It’s time to fill out the forms we downloaded. I know there will be more rules.

Dee: Well yes – two more important ones.

1. Always work from the Known to the Unknown. Start with facts like death and birth certificates.

2. Always cite where your information came from. Such as, with your father’s death certificate – The citation will be, WA St Dept of Health, Certificate of Death, State File Number 146, local file number 1411.

Dorothy – We can find out other things than just where and when and how death occurred.

Dee – Yes. Be sure to note who the informant – the person who gave the information for the certificate was –

2nd Lt. Roger Wilhelm and new spouse

2nd Lt. Roger Wilhelm and new spouse

and then other information. This certificate gives place of birth, name of father, and maiden name of mother,

and it gives your father’s occupation.

Dorothy – I just noticed that I was the informant on that certificate. That certainly lowers the level of confidence.

Dee – Look for marriage certificates – even school records and Adventure – think adventure!

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