Just think – a year ago I was getting ready to launch my book Catch The Christmas Spirit, and now we’r getting ready for two months of signing of Better Every Day.  In actual fact, everyone probably needs both.  Find out

why I love Ferris Wheels better than anything.  Oh, on November 6 I’ll be signing at the Lakewood Barnes and  Noble.  Ferris Wheel

Here’s a look at how it all began:

Will and me

What Goes Around Comes Around

I hadn’t ridden a ferris wheel for years, but I always thought they were the most romantic conveyances on earth. You know, snuggling in a rickety little car with the wind streaming past your ears; rocketing through the air with screams all around. Good stuff. Now that I’ve come to the place where my morning email features banner headlines promising to “Lower Your Burial Insurance,” I feel entitled to cling to a few fantasies. Never mind, the dream is over. Last weekend I rode on the Great Wheel in Seattle and to tell the truth, I thought it was lame. It’s all enclosed glass cars, no more exciting than a tea room. There’s no wind in your hair, no mindless screams, no risk to life or limb. What kind of fun is that? Worse yet, I realized that even if I could find someone to share a romantic adventure, nothing about me scrunches up enough to make thrill ride romance practical anymore.

When one dream dies, you must find another and in this beautiful summer, it was easy to find. My grandson, 13, traveling alone for the first time, came from Minnesota to visit. His father, a Super Fan of Northwest Sports, asks that we call him “Ichiro’, or simply “Junior”. I mostly call him “Honey”. We enjoyed all the touristy things, rode the Ducks in Seattle, saw the sharks at Pt. Defiance and, spent a cold, snowy, wonderful day on Mt. Rainier and of course we rode the Great Wheel – from Better Every Day.

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