May 15 –Nylon Stockings Day, Chocolate Chip Day, celebrate every day!

It’s Nylon Stockings Day.

The goal of this blog is to find something to celebrate every single day.

Old nylons make good onion drying holders.

Old nylons make good onion drying holders.

Applying nylonsToday the reason for celebration is that it’s Nylon Stockings day so I celebrated by cleaning out my nylon drawer.You may wonder why there’d be a holiday for nylons when they’re a lot of trouble to get on and off and nobody bothers with them any more . Ladies of a certain age will remember when nylons were not available and we had to draw seams up the back of our legs with eyebrow pencils.  During World War II we couldn’t get nylons  But since stocking had seams  up the back, all girls counterfeited  stocking by using liquid  foundation on their legs and then drawing a seam . Everybody had crookedy little lines up the back of their legs. Max Factor invented the little tool to keep the seams straight.  I never saw one of those though. We just all Seamless artdrew freehand.  On Christmas of 1943, my Mom went to Montgomery Ward (Monkey Ward, we called it)  sat on Santa’s lap and asked him to bring her nylons for Christmas.  The jolly old elf shook his head sadly and said  “Oh my dear, Mrs. Santa would never forgive me if I brought nylons to anyone else.”

Today you don’t see nylons as much, and I have to wear compression hose which are about one quarter of an inch thick and knit in the Black Forest by the elves, but let’s celebrate Nylon Stocking Day. There’s a lot you can do with old nylons – you can use them to make a hanging bag for onions, for instance, and panty hose are great cut into rubber bands to tying large parcels.

Today is also Chocolate Chips Day.  Of course everyone knows how chocolate chips came to be.  You know how chocolate chips came to be – in 1937 when I was still wandering around munching dandelion roots on the banks of the great Kootenai River, Ruth  Graves Wakefield at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts cut up a semi sweet chocolate bar to make chunks for cookies, and we’ve loved them ever since.

Toll House Cookie Day

Toll House Cookie DayRuth Graves Whitfield of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, MA cut up a semi sweet chocolate bar to make her soon to be trademark  Toll House Cookies.  Now we find them indispensable. I like to put ½ cup of chunky peanut butter in my cookie dough. Makes great cookies.

 By the way if you want to always quickly have fresh cookies to serve, keep a couple of boxes of peanut butter cookie mix on hand, then make it up according to directions, but add half a 6 oz package of chocolate chips. Ready in minutes and tastes homemade.  Well, that’s cause it is, but doesn’t taste like a mix. 


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