IT’S DREAM DAY, NAPPING DAY, AWESOMENESS DAY, PACK YOUR LUNCH DAY, MARIO DAY AND FILL OUR STAPLERS DAY.  If you can’t get a day of celebration out of these possibilities, you’re missing something.

What dream have you caught lately.

What dream have you caught lately.

Let’s start with Dream Day.  That’s easy. Anybody can dream.  Get out your Dream Catcher and test it.  Don’t have a Dream catcher?  There’s plenty of time to make one.  Dream Day was created by an instructor at Columbia University! The idea is for us to stop and think about our dreams and make a better life.

So what’s your dream?  Id like to take my whole family on a cruise to somewhere fun.  I’d like to go to London.  I’d like to go roller skating and not break anything. Maybe I’ll start a little smaller, spend some time with the Grandkids and the Great Grands, visit beautiful Everett. Well, that will get me started. How about you? Go to daysoftheyear.com for ideas on how to celebrate the other 5 days.

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