Sixty plus or twenty five, a girl can't have too many friends.
Making New Friends My granddaughter went off to college last week, and the first thing she did when got to her new apartment was to displace a mouse which seemed to be living there.  She said it was so tame she could catch it by the tail to put it in a covered dish for safekeeping. She displayed it on Facebook with the title, “Making New Friends”,  Grandmother stifled the urge to tell her itRead More
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  I looked out the window awhile ago and two deer were walking past – and I mean right past. They had been on the porch eating the flowers, which they seem to look upon as a sort of chips and dips.  Then, feeling happy, they strolled on over to the neighbors’ house, to see what was on offer there.  I guess my point is, that you don’t have to be lonely. You can always eatRead More
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