I looked out the window awhile ago and two deer were walking past – and I mean right past. They had been on the porch eating the flowers, which they seem to look upon as a sort of chips and dips.  Then, feeling happy, they strolled on over to the neighbors’ house, to see what was on offer there.  I guess my point is, that you don’t have to be lonely. You can always eatRead More
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  1. I am not sixty yet but getting there, but I do love the look of your website. Keep it going. Great job.

  2. Saundra Raynor says

    I like your website. My favorite is the deer section. You need a section for those of who are 60+ to comment on the pros and cons, or something like that.

    I got my letter to TNT published today.

    • Oh, I missed your letter in the TNT. What section.

      Anyway, I agree, and people are supposed to be able to comment on these. What could I do to show that better? I created this site with my own geriatric fingers, so
      I haven’t gotten all the bugs out, and there are some things I’m just learning how to do, but I’m pretty proud of myself. What would work better?

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